Ayam Betutu on Buluh Indah

Local diner on Buluh Indah…

…I’ve been meaning to drop in and try this place for a while as it seems a solid step up from the most basic warungs on Buluh Indah and is often busy.

First impressions are good — parking is easy, the place seems clean and the food arrives quickly.

The food however is lukewarm, the Betutu sauce is very watery and, as it’s not piping hot, seems to feel old. The Kampung Chicken — which is to say, free range, should have been left to grow a little older or perhaps been held back from running so fast… no meat on the bones and tough. Not Rambo tough but fairly tough. Not boot leather exactly but certainly not soft and tasty.

My order of chicken came with a side order of sayuran urap (a vegetable dish… you can Google it here for more info on that), sambal matah and rice. Rice was meh. Sambal matah was ok. Urap was madly spicy… Good.

Price: 40k for my meal which I consider expensive for this kind of food at this kind of place. Actually the same price as the Betutu at Warung Ole just down the street with a much prettier presentation in a much nicer place.

Long and the short of it: clean, quick, meh to ok taste, overpriced.

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